The internationalization of higher education has started to form the most important agenda item of universities. Internationalization in higher education is defined as 'the process of systematic integration of the international dimension into the teaching, research and service function of the higher education institution' in a simple and clear definition. In addition to strengthening the regional and global position of universities, internationalization enriches the understanding of higher education by contributing to the change of uniform university understanding and increasing the quality of education and research of universities.

The International Relations Coordinator has two fields of activity. These fields of activity are Erasmus + Coordinator and Mevlana Exchange Coordinator. The duty of International Relations Coordinator is in the relations of our university with abroad; to provide the basic elements such as planning, regulation, execution and control, and to ensure the timely and complete performance of the tasks by establishing a healthy coordination between the relevant units of our university with the necessary arrangements in this direction.

The International Relations Coordination Office fulfills the following basic duties in line with the objectives defined above;

· To follow the developments in order to ensure the active participation of our university in the European Union Education and Youth Programs and to carry out studies on the necessary planning, infrastructure and in-house arrangements,

· To inform our university units about the European Union Framework Programs and international project support programs, and to make efforts to ensure maximum participation from these universities,

· To ensure the necessary conditions for mutual cooperation and joint studies on education, culture and scientific research between our university and the universities within the European Union.

In order to achieve the goal of being a world university that successfully conducts the internationalization process of our university;
· Developing a viable and sustainable internationalization strategy,
· Determining and implementing the international student recruitment strategy,
· To carry out activities to increase the number of international students,
· Coordinating the mobility activities of students, teaching staff and administrative staff,
· To ensure the internalization of the Bologna Process norms and principles in our university,
· Providing youth information to the students of our university in the fields of education and youth,
· To create the infrastructure that will enable our university to benefit from international programs and projects to the maximum extent,
· To follow the works and transactions related to the coordination of international cooperation agreements such as international bilateral cooperation agreements, joint diploma programs and exchange programs,
· Carrying out activities to promote our university in the international arena,
· To ensure that the activities of the international universities we cooperate with are announced in our university.

To be an office that implements internationalization strategies effectively and sustainably, adapts rapidly to the emerging and developing conditions in the field of internationalization in the higher education system and contributes to the internationalization of Munzur University at the highest level.