Informatıon Request:

Within the scope of law on the right to Information Request No. 4982 which was published in no. 25269 Official Gazette dated 24.10.2003, the Department of Information Request was established in our university in order to accept the applications of natural and legal persons to our institution and to present any information or document under the law for the benefit of the applicants.
The application for access to information should relate to the information or the document that the institutions and agencies which are applied possess or should possess due to their tasks and activities.
Applications can be made to public institutions in four different ways within the framework of Law on the Right to Information Request.

- The sample petition published in the annex of the regulation,
- A petition written legibly (It is not required for petitions or application forms to be completed by typewriter or computer printer)
- E-mail
- Fax
The applicant is notified of the requested information or document within 15 working days.
If the scope of the application pertains more than one institution; the access shall be provided in 30 working days. In this case, the applicant shall be notified in writing of the extension and its reasons within 15 working days.
Application Form (For Natural Persons)
Application Form (For Legal Persons)
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