Prof. Dr. Kenan PEKER was born in Elazığ. Peker received his bachelor’s degree from the Department of Agricultural Economics at Atatürk University, and then he completed his master’s and doctorate education at the Department of Agricultural Management at the same university. He conducted postdoctoral studies in the field of Agribusiness Management, Cooperatives and Site-Specific Management as a Visiting Scholar at the Department of Agricultural, Environmental and Development Economics at The Ohio State University, USA between 2002-2004. In 1997, he became an Assistant Professor, in 2006 an Associate Professor, and in 2011 a Professor. He served as Manager, Dean, TOBB Academic Advisor, NGO Term Chairman, Private Sector Consultant. He carried out international projects on R&D Project Business Development. He took part in the establishment of Konya Food and Agriculture University. He has worked with such universities as Illinois, Kyoto, Florida, Wageningen, Faisalabad, North Dakota State, Nevada, Michigan State, Purdue University Krannet School of Management, in collaboration with ICARDA and FAO.

Prof. Dr. Kenan PEKER's Detailed CV